Aquatic, Sports, and Leisure Facility Cleaning in Canberra

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Environmental Cleaning Solutions Canberra (ECS Canberra) boasts a proud history of servicing sports and aquatic centres throughout Canberra. We understand the unique challenges of maintaining public access facilities, prioritizing public safety and cleanliness while using eco-friendly cleaning methods, especially near water sources.

Why ECS Canberra is Ideal for Your Facility’s Cleaning Needs?

Specialised in Public Facility Cleaning

ECS Canberra is highly experienced in the specific needs of aquatic, sports, and leisure facilities. These venues require meticulous attention to detail due to their high traffic and frequent water exposure. We ensure that every area from pool decks to changing rooms is maintained to the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Understanding the environmental impact of cleaning near water sources, we use only eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning agents. This approach not only protects the water quality but also ensures that visitors and staff are not exposed to harmful chemicals. Our sustainable practices help maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Comprehensive Cleaning Coverage

We provide thorough cleaning and maintenance of all public areas within your facility. Our services are available every day of the year, ensuring that your facility remains spotless and well-presented at all times, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Areas We Focus On

Changing Areas:  Regular and deep cleaning to maintain hygiene and comfort for guests.
Pool Decks: Specialized cleaning to prevent slip hazards and remove chlorine residues.
Front Entrances and Foyers:  High-impact areas that are kept immaculate to make a positive first impression.
Common Areas:  Ensuring these spaces are clean and inviting, reflecting the quality and care of your facility.

Ready When You Need Us

Our staff are available 365 days a year, prepared to meet your cleaning needs whenever you need us. Whether it’s daily upkeep or specialized cleaning tasks, ECS Canberra is ready to ensure your facility is always at its best.

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ECS Canberra is committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services to aquatic, sports, and leisure facilities throughout Canberra. Contact us to discuss how we can help you maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in your facility.

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